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So a Terrorist attacks in Houston but no wall-to-wall coverage on the news channels because, “Nothing to see here, folks. He’s not a Muslim Terrorist, he’s a Nazi.” …No kidding, a guy dressed up like a Nazi shoots 9 people but it’s okay… “He’s a Nazi.” … And everyone knows Nazi’s aren’t terrorists, right?

Then a kid terrorizes and shoots up a South Carolina School, but no wall-to-wall coverage… “Only three people were wounded. His dad is dead at home but only three hurt here.” … No biggie, the death toll was low. Besides, school shootings are just part of the deal, and they’re not terrorism.

Now, a major train accident in New Jersey. The first cable news take: “Probably not terrorism. Probably, but we’ll ask everyone who comes on the show if it was. “Because what if it is terrorism? That would be scary. If it were terrorism we could blame somebody or bomb somebody or something.” But since it’s only more evidence of our infrastructure crumbling… Well, there’s no one to blame for that.

“Meanwhile should that beauty queen be pilloried because she gained weight? Back after this.”




(With respect to Y.A. Tittle)

The latest delusion and distraction is that Donald Trump did not “lose” to Hillary Clinton in Monday night’s debate. Supporters point to scores of online polls where Trump ran up Kim Jong Un-esque majorities in “Who Won the Debate” Clickbait “polls.” Let’s be real. They are not polls. Polls have random samples. Polls, good or bad, are done according to certain scientific and statistical norms. These were not Polls by any stretch of the imagination.

Three actual polls were completed, CNN 62-27 Hillary by 35, and the 51-40 PPP poll that also favored Clinton, this time by 11. Another poll by YouGov gave the Democrat a 29 point win. There were two focus groups conducted (CNN and Fox – by Frank Lutz) both also gave Clinton the overwhelming nod.

If you are a Trump supporter, you have every reason to be upset. Donald was unprepared, unfocused, erratic, and bellicose in the extreme. His performance was an embarrassment. I remember when Romney cleaned Obama’s clock in the first 2012 debate. I’m an Obama supporter so I was upset when that went down, so I get it.

But, when Mitt won I didn’t hear any delusionary reaction from the Democrats. I didn’t see any “The microphone was bad!” “The moderator was mean!” and on and on and on.  Such excuses only further underline the scope of the defeat and suggest an almost pathological denial of reality.

The entire thing illustrates the fact that we all tend to seek comfort in our little bubbles, where everyone agrees with us. That, in the end is dangerous. Karl Rove bragged, “We create our own reality.” Which wouldn’t be bad if he was talking about how we might manifest joy and happiness in our lives., but Rove was talking about denying fact and bending truth to fit the political “reality” that served his ends. As a polity, we need to be able to argue from the same set of facts. Otherwise we cannot even argue. We can only shout.