Give us Barabbas!

”That, in a Biblical nutshell, is where we stand. The Trumpist/Qanon Party appears more eager for retribution against those sad leftover Republicans who upheld their oaths of office than against a doltish Caligula of a president who violated it. All ten of the House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump are now facing public scourgings by local party organizations outraged by their dedication to facts and the law. The heretics will now face primary challenges by the recently deinstitutionalized Q-cultists categorized as “deluded,” “crazy,” or “insane.” Even the Right-Wing personification of Brunhilde, Liz Cheney, faces ouster as chair of the House Republican conference due to her stunning and unacceptable adherence to reality.

America has thrived for more than 200 years with a two-party system based on the rules, norms, and traditions of our Constitution. Unfortunately, the continued success of that enterprise is currently threatened, as it was once before, by the unilateral actions of one party that now has abandoned the Constitution in its pursuit of power. Rather than deal with the demands of electoral vagaries, that party now instead supports violence, and insurrection, as legitimate means for gaining such power.

In short, one party now wants to govern… the other seeks to dominate by any means even if the polity they seek to dominate must be wrecked in the process. Remember that old maxim, “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” That bit of madness has metastasized. Not a formula that favors any good outcome.

We have a Liberal Party with all of its internal inconsistencies and flaws, well-meaning though they be… now we need a rational, fact-based, principled Conservative Party to balance the system… or… we can risk the ascendency of those who think America’s biggest concern should be cannibalistic pedophiles who run pizza parlors.